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Dr. Belinda Badorek has been practicing in Kennewick, Washington since 1997. Dr. Badorek was born and grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She learned at a young age the importance of hard work. She was raised by her Mother after her Father passed away as an infant. Dr. Badorek credits her Mother, Jewell, for her personal strong character, determination, honesty, candor, and work ethic. Dr. Badorek's Mother raised four children on her own, worked two jobs, and somehow made it all look easy. Dr. Badorek says "that is a hard act to follow." Her Mother, Jewell, and her Grandparents emphasized the importance of a college education and pushed Dr. Badorek in that direction early on in life.

Proudly Dr. Badorek is the first member in her family to graduate from college and is even more proud of the present trend among her family. To date, Dr. Badorek's sister, brother and nephew are all college graduates. Dr. Badorek graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Dr. Badorek also attended College in Oviedo, Spain. Dr. Badorek funded her under-graduate education through a generous scholarship and working for the USDA Forest service on many different projects including firefighting. After graduation, Dr. Badorek went on to work as a Fisheries Biologist for the USDA Forest Service. Dr. Badorek later returned to her passion and a calling for practicing medicine. Dr. Badorek attended the Illinois college of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. At the Illinois college of Optometry, Dr. Badorek received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Sciences and a Doctorate in Optometry. ​

Dr. Badorek says it most simply "that I love caring for my patients. Besides my family and friends, my patients are the greatest blessing of my life. Many of my patients I have known for years and I have a passion and compassion for everyone who enters my clinic. My goal is to provide the best care possible & to treat patients with the same wisdom, compassion, honesty and passion with which I would want to be cared. I feel a sincere responsibility to each of my patients as they have entrusted one of their greatest resources to my care, their sight. That is not a slighted responsibility. I feel that my loyalty to my patients is to make certain that I keep them seeing to the best of my ability for all the days of our lives." Dr. Badorek enjoys working with patients of all ages and enjoys primary eye care as well as the unique challenges specialty care includes: glaucoma management, age-related macular degeneration management, diabetic eye care, Kerataconus care.

Dr. Badorek Family Photo

Dr. Badorek-Keenan, Andy Keenan, Collin and Kaitlyn

Dr. Badorek Photo Dr. Badorek has been very active in her community and profession. Dr. Badorek has served as co-chair for the Washington State Bi-Laws committee for the Optometric Physicians of Washington, Board Member for the Edith Bishel Center for the Blind & Low Vision, Optometric Coordinator for the High Risk Eye Disease Coalition for Grace Clinic, Tri-Cities Emergency Eye Care Association President, Tri-Cities Optometric Society Secretary, Tri-Cities Optometric Society Treasurer, Tri-Cities Optometric Society Continuing Education Coordinator. Dr. Badorek feels that it is very important to give back to her community and a profession which has so greatly blessed her!

Dr. Badorek is proud to call Tri-Cities, Washington home. She resides in Kennewick with her wonderful family. When she is not working, Dr. Badorek enjoys family time which includes "a lot of hockey," riding bikes, travelling, and "just playing with the kids."

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