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Clearwater Family Eye Care's
Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision
Clearwater Family Eye Care's vision is to create an extraordinary eye care experience and to exceed the expectations of all who enter our office!

We at Clearwater Family Eye Care are dedicated to serving our patients with only the highest level of quality care and the finest products available. Every decision and every action by our employees is directed toward this goal.

We believe that our patients are our friends -- without them we would not be employed, and without their friendship and support we would not enjoy referrals. We place great importance on remembering our patients and treating them with courtesy, fairness and respect.

We believe that our employees are the heart of our practice. The qualities, which they convey to our patients, have an impact one hundred times greater than our office decor, our building, or our equipment.


Our Mission
Clearwater Family Eye Care was founded by Dr. Belinda Badorek. When she set out to establish the Clinic, she had one mission in mind...To build a clinic dedicated to providing the highest standard of patient care available and a resource to educate the public regarding ocular health issues.

The foundation of Clearwater Family Eye Care, therefore, is a solid commitment to developing, enhancing, preserving, and protecting the visual abilities of each patient. Clearwater Family Eye Care strives to ensure the highest quality of life for our patients by providing premium eye care and state of the art eye wear products.


Our Values
We believe in the fundamental principles of love, kindness, honesty and compassion. We strive to incorporate these attributes in our patient care, practice ethics, and the way in which we treat our staff.

We believe a patient's family and friends provide important support. We highly encourage and invite each family's involvement in the care of loved ones.

We believe patients and their families have a right to honest and forthright medical information presented in a manner they can understand.

We believe that a calm, caring and cheerful environment places the patient at ease and creates a supporting environment for excellent patient care.

We believe that all of our actions should be guided by integrity, honesty and courage.

We believe that true success comes from doing the right things for the right reasons.

We believe that efficient, accurate, and quality eye care is provided best by professionals practicing at the highest level of their expertise. As such our doctors and staff value the opportunity to learn and strive to attain the most state of the art information and education to serve our patients.

We believe that communicating openly and sharing knowledge with our patients and colleagues is a critical component involved in providing outstanding patient care.



In addition to caring for your vision and eye health, we make every effort to explain your condition to you and encourage you to ask questions. We value our relationship with you and look forward to helping you maintain good vision and healthy eyes.

We all want to to protect our eyesight and that is why it is important to have annual vision tests. This allows us to detect changes in the front of your eye so that alterations can be made to your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. We also need to inspect the retina to check if it is healthy, damaged, or showing signs of disease.

Clearwater Family Eye Care
6539 W. Clearwater Ave.,
Suite #A140
(509) 737-2020
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Clearwater Family Eye Care 6539 W. Clearwater Ave., Suite #A140 Kennewick, WA 99336 Phone: (509) 737-2020 Fax: (509) 737-1036

Clearwater Family Eye Care proudly serves Kennewick, WA and the surrounding areas of Burbank, Pasco, West Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Highland, Finley, Attalia and Wallula.

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